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I would like to warmly welcome all the friends of this webpage and the variety of people that show interest in the website of the Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé e Príncipe.

I’ve just recently taken up my duty as Portuguese Representative in this beautiful country and I am pleased to convey, to you all, that I envisage the significance of my diplomatic function here to be, first and foremost, one of true friendship in order to further foster the bilateral relations that are already excellent. The friendly relations between our two people are truly very close, but I hope to be able to contribute, be it in a modest way, to improve it further.

The challenge is heartfelt and the job enthusiastic, as our activity in this country may enhance the daily life of a significant number of people, as well as contribute to develop major areas of particular importance such as health and education, not forgetting the cultural dynamics that will enrich us all.

Finally, not in a farewell shrug but in greeting gesture, I want to invite you to the Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé e Príncipe where you’ll find the doors always open and you’ll always be welcome.

                                                                             Warm regards,

                                                                             Luís Gaspar da Silva

                                                                            Ambassador of Portugal


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